Collection: Vegan Lash & Eyebrow Lamination Kit

  • 🌸 ARYANA Lavish DUO Kit 2 in 1: One Solution Gives You MEGA Lashes Without Extensions. The Kit Provides healthy Eyelash curls and transform your eyebrows into groomed, feathered and voluminous brows.
  • 🌸 ARYANA Lash Lift - The Lash Lift Is The Beauty Equivalent of a Push-Up Bra for Your Lashes—The treatment Instantly Gives Them Lift, Separation, and Extra Definition Without The Use of Extensions. Aryana Perm Is Gentle on Your lashes. The result lasts up to 8 weeks.
  • 🌸 ARYANA Eyebrow Lamination - Brow lamination is essentially a perm for your eyebrows. Not only stimulates growth while strengthening the brow hairs, but creates thick, fluffy, and full brows. Best alternative for microblading, microfeathering, extensions, or a good old-fashioned brow pencil.
  • 🌸 ARYANA Lavish DUO Kit Includes: Adhesive, Lift, Fixer, Booster, Cleanser, Duo Brush, 5 size Silicone pads, Mascara wands, Micro applicator, 3 Pairs Under Eye Patch, Detailed User Manual