ARYANA New York 1-Step Brow Stamp™ + Stencil Kit and How to USE ME?

Our world is not perfect but our eyebrows are!!!
I created eyebrow stamp wand to create a clean, natural and waterproof pair of eyebrows for everyone out there!  It took me over a year to make it but when I see your eyebrow photos I feel like the happiest person ever :) <3
You might Ask how to choose my brow stamp color?
Our pomades are pretty pigmented. However you can build it up for darker shades and press it stronger or remove the excess pomade; pressing on a  paper towel and stamp it gently for lighter shades. 
This is a Magic wand, so let your wand chooses you :D <3 
However if you can't make a final decision, my team and I are here so email us your photo at and I hit you up with your wand ;) 
How to Choose my stencil?
Believe it or not, you can use all these stencils. Why not we change our eyebrows depending on our moods??!!! I personally use "JANA" Stencil for daytime or whenever I wear French red lips for creating "PETITE" eyebrow and I go with Big, bold "ARYANA" stencil when I want my date focus on my eyebrows and eyes. :D I am Persian and in Persia your main beauty revolves around your eyes and brows so why not use my strongest weapon :D so do my American, Western, Middle Eastern and everyone else out there!!! :D 
Don't be afraid trying out new eyebrow shapes <3 Make mistakes and make more mistakes. Lily pads grow out of muds and great eyebrows grow out of good product and practice <3
We chose a very specific material for our stencils. They stick to your skin without any adhesion; you just need to press it to your skin. They stay intact! Meanwhile they are durable and they will last you for a very long time. 
To clean them up use a dry paper towel and you can wipe off the pomade in a heartbeat !
How to Clean my Stencils ?
Our stencils are high quality and durable. You can wipe off pomade with a dry paper towel in 2 seconds. Then flip the stencil and repeat stamping for the other eyebrows! 




  • Don't Forget : To get enough pomade each time, twist your applicator left and right couple of time.
  • The sponge applicator is removable so you can wash it and put it back on the applicator. 

  • DO NOT GLIDE THE SPONGE! STAMP IT! Press the pomade into your skin
  • Start from tail of your eyebrow helps you to adjust the length.
  • Do not smudge the brow right after application. give sometimes to dry out.
  • Love your eyebrows :D <3 ;) 
  • The sponge on the applicator is washable and removable and works like a beauty blender. 


How to use feather stencil? Put this stencil above or lower and around your eyebrows. Use a brow brush to apply the pomade. You can also use the sponge corner and tap it gently around. 


Don't hesitate my lovers. If you have any question, comments or any concerns, shoot us a DM or email. Also Don't forget to share your result and tag us